Frédéric Reynès

Dr. Frédéric Reynès is one of the founders at NEO, where he works as a senior economic researcher focusing on energy and sustainability. Frédéric has an educational background in macroeconomics specializing in quantitative analysis and economic modelling. His fields of expertise are economic impact assessments of the energy transition, environmental policy and sectoral resource use.

He did his PhD on labour economics at the OFCE (French Economic Observatory) in Paris, where he is still an associate researcher. At OFCE he worked at the Analysis and Forecasting department within the Energy theme. He then worked at IVM (Instituut voor Milieuvraagstukken) in Amsterdam as well as at TNO in The Hague, where he still works parttime. Also there, he focused on energy and sustainability issues by producing long term scenarios for the oil market and developing the Multi-sector Macroeconomic Model for the Evaluation of Environmental and Energy policy (see The ThreeME model is an open source model and has been applied in various consultancy projects for various governments including France, Indonesia, Mexico and Tunisia.

M: +31 (0)6-52803731